Monocouche renders

Monocouche renders are a type of decorative finishes applied to the outside of buildings to provide both decoration and weather protection. This is usually done with a diesel or electric pump. In our case our teams only use the best equipment. Putzmeister LMR SP11. The use of this helps our teams complete up 50 metres squared of render in a day. Cuts down the length of an project by %40.

Derived from the French, and meaning mono or single layer, Monocouche renders are modern single coat renders which can be applied by hand or machine. Colour pigmented throughout, meaning no building painting, monocouche renders provide a low maintenance, weather resistant, hard wearing and attractive finish to a large range of external brick and blockwork properties.

The French term monocouche has been adopted by the European render industry, in an attempt to distinguish modern renders and their application methods from those of traditional renders and their application methods.

There are other terms that can be used to refer to these type of decorative finishes. A through colour render and a scraped finish render are also indications that a monocouche product has been employed. They refer to the manufacturing process and the application process.

The formulation of a monocouche render is distinguished by the use of White Ordinary Portland Cement as a binder which then enables the formulation to be pigmented. The addition of pigments will give a manufacturer the opportunity to produce a colour range and employ the term through colour render as when the product is applied and finished the pigment will bind in place, all the way through the body of the render.

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation in the London, Bedforshire and Essex area. – Extra Warmth – Energy Efficient – Long Lasting EWI.

Research has shown that 35% of a buildings energy can be lost through the external wall, even more if the wall is weathered or cracked, a fact that most people never consider. An Insulated render system (EWI) will cover your building with a waterproof barrier, one that will give you all year round protection keeping that precious energy inside and due to it being a through colour product will require no maintainance.

  • Lower utility bills.
  • Warm the building rapidly.
  • Keep that warmth from escaping.
  • Eradicate damp and condensation.
  • Increase the value.
  • Reduce external noise.
  • Give your building an attractive look that will never need painting.
  • Reduced initial cost
  • Warranted for up to 10 years
  • Drastically reduce the environmental impact.
  • Insulated Render – The System.

A typical insulated render system includes the attachment of insulation boards to the existing substrate using mechanical fixings (Sometimes accompanied by adhesive) , this is followed by a flexable and fully breathable basecoat which has reinforcing mesh troweled into the entire surface (to prevent cracking), the fitting of plastic rust free beading followed by a final maintanace free finish coat (colour and finish of your choice).The design and installation of an insulated render system is a specialist job, although the construction techniques remain the same, systems differ through their use of components such as the thickness and type of insulation and the render finishes available. We will of course talk about your requirments in depth and as we deal with the 5 leading suppliers of insulated render you can be sure that we will recommend the very best system for your building and your budget, reducing that all important U value (energy loss) and helping the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

With a massive range of colours and textures available we will ensure that your building has a zero maintenance treatment that will last, look amazing and keep that precious energy inside.